Moving: the good, the bad, the pigeon poop.

This is not a “what I packed” blog. Frankly, I’m not that organized at the moment and am just thankful to have my bags packed and sitting by the front door considering my flight is in 8 hours. That post will come later. This is a series of unfortunate events blog based on my packing experience.

First, my timeline was tight and that was my bad. I can be a work-a-holic and despite what other people told me I insisted on working up until eight days before my departure date. While I had begun packing up my apartment a few weeks ago, I hadn’t had time to take it seriously until I was through working a week ago – and that’s when it hit me that I had to be out of my Seattle apartment in five days. Not to mention I was so much more interested in spending time with friends and doing FUN things rather than sitting at home alone packing.

Once I actually begun packing, here are all of the exciting curveballs that life decided to throw my way.

The Birds

Three days before I had to move out I noticed a pigeon nest on my deck, which mind you was already completely covered in bird poop because they LOVE my deck, specifically. Fun fact: I hate pigeons. Especially Seattle pigeons because they are ruthless city folk and eat garbage until they are the size of a chinchilla. Regardless, I was on my way out the door to leave for a camping trip on the coast (because why not procrastinate packing more) so I left the nest for the time being.

Once I returned I was thrilled to see that the mama pigeon had laid an egg *sarcasm*! At this point, I had a pit in my stomach because it was my security deposit vs. a pigeon egg. I chose my security deposit because, well, Seattle could do with one less fat chinchilla pigeon. I drug the nest out into the middle of my deck in hopes that the mama pigeon would leave it alone and went back into my apartment to begin cleaning, prolonging the semi-morbid process because I felt bad. After about 45 minutes I walked back out because I decide to suck it up and throw the nest away.


The pigeon had laid another egg! In less than an hour! At this point I was not just a murderer but a double murderer. The worst kind, if you ask me. I did what I had to do and threw the nest away, pouring one out for the homies. God forbid she lay a third egg. So that was hiccup #1.

The Car (That Almost Didn’t Go)

The next day I rented a Car2Go to take a load of items to Goodwill. I walked down the street to grab it, pulled it into our (one story) parking garage and loaded it up. I even took a snapchat and captioned it “tetris” because I so was proud of how much stuff I configured into one tiny smart car. Over-celebration, clearly. When I went to start the car, nothing happened. Fantastic. I already knew this routine because it happened to me last weekend  with a Car2Go IN THE LINE to drop things off for Goodwill on the way to my going away party. Clearly Car2Go + Goodwill is some sort of bad omen for me. I called customer service and they told me it had lost it’s connection to their server and that a fleet car would be by to service the car. Fine.

8 hours go by. I call, they say the same thing, I explain how it is my last night in Seattle and I have plans at 6pm, so I need the fleet car to come prior to that time, since I have the key to the parking garage. They “expedite it to HQ and put a note on my account”.

6:30pm, nothing. I call back and explain I will not be home for the rest of the night and also explain that I’m moving out of Seattle tomorrow. They “make a note on my account” and tell me the fleet team begins trips either at 6am or 8am – they’re not sure. I really like Car2Go and the service they provide but at this point I’m super frustrated. A two-hour window estimate is the least they could provide. The next morning I call again and tell them I’m moving out in 2 hours. 15 minutes later, the fleet team arrives. Funny how that works. Either way – SUCCESS! That was hiccup #2.

The Couch

That day my step-dad arrives in Seattle with his truck to move the last of my things to Bellingham. My 5-piece sectional 11′ x 9′ couch (I love that thing) was sadly flaked on by three people and still remaining in my apartment. So, it was the last remaining piece of furniture to get out of my apartment and required two truckloads. No problem, Goodwill will take it.

We get to the Capitol Hill Goodwill where the attendant tells us they don’t have room and directs us to the Dearborn Goodwill (huge) 10 minutes away. No problem. A little out of the way but we have time! We bring it to Dearborn and no such luck – they don’t take furniture this used. They tell us Salvation Army will definitely take it because they repair furniture and resell. We drive a few blocks to Salvation Army only to be told they take furniture in immaculate condition only. AKA, not my 35-year-old salmon colored couch.

To the dump we go. Not only was the dump the most stressful place I’ve ever been, but we had to pay a minimum of $55 to get rid of half of the couch. The other half came back with us to Bellingham just we didn’t have to go through the Seattle dump experience (fun new Disneyland ride) twice in one day. That was hiccup #3.

All in all, I made my 3pm walk-through and  got my apartment in spotless condition thanks to a little help from family and friends. But at this point I was strictly packed to leave Seattle and had barely entertained the thought of packing for the next two years with the Peace Corps.

I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday sprawling my belongings across my mom’s family room and generally making a mess of everything I owned. Eventually, I narrowed it down to piles and begun packing my bags. I felt like I was making good progress!

I get stressed out all over again just looking at that.

The Cat

As of yesterday, I had been in Seattle for two days and was wrapping up last-minute packing and errands. To preface, I have a super scaredy-cat named Elf who hides under the bed constantly and I was planning on bringing him my aunt and uncle’s house when I got home. Once I went downstairs, I realized I had left my bedroom door open and my cat wasn’t hiding under the bed anymore (a very rare occurrence for Elf). I was calm, cool and collected looking in our spare bedrooms and under couches for him. Until I wasn’t calm anymore. He was nowhere to be found and I had seriously begun questioning if he somehow got out of the house. He’s an indoor-only cat and there was a storm outside so I begun thinking worst-case-scenario.

We went to dinner at 6pm and all I could think about was Elf. Although I sound cold-hearted for giving him up for the Peace Corps, he is my best friend and so reliant upon me that I couldn’t fathom never seeing him again. I figured if he was still in the house, he would definitely come out, meow, or something once it got dark. 10pm hit and I began giving up hope. I put tuna on the front and back porch, called for him all over the house, and didn’t hear a thing. At this point I convinced myself he was long gone since there was nowhere I could think of that we hadn’t already checked three times. I was so sad I couldn’t even bring myself to finish packing.

At midnight my mom ran down the steps and yelled something that I didn’t understand and made her way into the laundry room. I heard “I FOUND HIM!”. Turns out he had climbed behind the dryer and into the drawer underneath from behind. Poor buddy and also what a weirdo. But thank god we found him! Final hiccup #4.

Look how much he loves/hates me!

Today my day was spent relaxing (finally) and trying to get my giant suitcase under 50 lbs. When I say giant I mean GIANT.


It’s a catch 22 having a suitcase this large and not being able to fill it past 50 lbs, in my opinion. The irony is, I had to take out one of the books I packed to get it under the weight limit, and the book was Catch 22.

Anyways, it’s been a long road but my plane departs in few short hours and my suitcase is .6 lbs under the weight limit so wish me luck and no more hiccups, please.


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